Well, Justin Bieber was in Toronto doing what he does best – being a supportive husband to Hailey Bieber as they celebrate the launch of her skincare line, Rhode skin in Canada.

The star couple was spotted at the Michelin-star Yorkville restaurant, Osteria Giulia, via pictures and videos shared on Instagram. Mrs. Bieber showed up in a powdered blue ensemble, posing for pics even with a Canadian flag. Gotta show some love to the north!

Per the shared images, the restaurant was decorated with white orchids and an assortment of flowers, lovely white candles, and each attendee received a special gift bag from Rhode.

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justin bieber
Photo via @rhode Instagram

Though we don’t know exactly what was inside the gift bags, Hailey Bieber posed with a few influencer friends as they tried the new passionfruit peptide lip treatment.

With all the pictures and videos shared, one of the influencers captured Justin Bieber being sweet and taking pictures of his wife.

justin bieber
Photo via @tianavictoria Instagram Story

Along with that, the pop star also played DJ, which according to one influencer “made sure he played Ice Spice“. Cause of course!

By the looks of it, attendees enjoyed a fun evening, enjoying some of Osteria Giulia’s delicious offerings and for drinks, 818 Tequila made sure to handle all of that.

We wonder if the Bieber’s are still in the city – at least we know they have some great taste in food.