If you’ve never had the chance to explore the beauty and wonders of Canada, make that your goal for 2023. As the weather starts getting warmer, and skies a little clearer, book that flight or go on that road trip across our beautiful country. If you need inspiration and don’t know where to start? Take a look at this list of the best places to visit in Canada.

U.S News & World Report has released a very thorough list of the 15 best places to visit in the Great White North.

“From the cosmopolitan streets of Toronto to the mountain peaks of the Canadian Rockies, our neighbor to the north features a diverse set of vacation destinations, states the list.

In order to make this list as true as it can be, it considered several factors, like affordability, entertainment options, and diversity of hotels and resorts, including user votes and expert opinions.

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Featuring a combination of natural attractions, cities, and towns, in first place comes Banff, Alberta – and we don’t blame them. The report claims that Banff caters to “nature enthusiasts and luxury seekers” which is sure to leave them in awe of its natural beauty.

Second place is none other than Jasper National Park, about two hours north of Banff. Needless to say, you need to check out Alberta.

In third place falls Vancouver, Montreal in fourth and Quebec City in fifth.

Check out the full list below:

  1. Banff
  2. Jasper National Park
  3. Vancouver
  4. Montreal
  5. Quebec City
  6. Niagara Falls
  7. Victoria & Vancouver Island
  8. Prince Edward Island
  9. Whitehorse
  10. Whistler
  11. Mont-Tremblant
  12. Gros Morne National Park
  13. Toronto
  14. Cape Breton Highlands National Park
  15. Okanagan Valley