Following a fair amount of confusion over the weekend, gyms will be reopening across BC this week.

The news comes as the province extends all other pandemic-related restrictions, which were previously set to expire on Tuesday. Here’s what to know about the new plan.

Since the end of December, all indoor adult activities have been restricted, including both individual and group settings. That meant no going to the gym (unless it was in your apartment building/hotel), no fitness classes, and no dance classes. But, starting tomorrow (Thursday, December 20th), that’s all changing.

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Because all the aforementioned activities will once again be allowed, but with increased safety protocols in place.

These new rules include:

  • Capacity based on 7m2 of floor space per person for both individual and group fitness and exercise classes
    • In addition to floor space, all group fitness and exercise classes have a capacity limit of 25 people
  • Masks worn at all times, except when actively exercising. We strongly encourage people wear a mask even when exercising
  • Pre-bookings for drop-in individual fitness where operationally possible

So yeah, we’re going to go ahead and say that we’re back to ‘mid-tier’ levels of restrictions in the province, which we’re excited about. With the reopening of gyms in BC this week, we can finally get back on our summer body fitness regime (1 bike session per week before a treat yourself dinner).