You may have seen our recent article about the most in-demand jobs in Canada for this year, and we’ve got another work-related roundup today. LinkedIn has just released its list of the top ‘jobs on the rise’ in Canada for 2022, and there are some interesting ones on there.

In order to create the list, LinkedIn looked at jobs that have experienced the highest growth rates over the past five years. Not only did the jobs need to see consistent growth, but they also had to have grown to a ‘meaningful size’ for 2021. Additionally, the list groups together jobs that may have different seniority levels, but feature identical titles on the platform. For example, a ‘Security Engineer’ title could also include being a ‘Cyber Security Specialist’.

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Here are the top jobs on the rise in Canada for 2022, according to LinkedIn:

  1. Vaccine Specialist
  2. Diversity and Inclusion Manager
  3. Public Health Nurse
  4. Public Health Specialist
  5. Site Reliability Engineer
  6. Machine Learning Engineer
  7. E-Commerce Coordinator
  8. Computer Vision Engineer
  9. Data Science Specialist
  10. Data Engineer
  11. Computer Graphics Supervisor
  12. Security Engineer
  13. User Experience Researcher
  14. Talent Acquisition Specialist
  15. Business Development Representative
  16. Product Design Consultant
  17. Clinical Data Manager
  18. Vendors Relation Specialist
  19. Director of Financial Planning
  20. Salesforce Consultant

In addition to the basic list, LinkedIn also managed to include a variety of helpful facts about the positions. These include everything from the salary range (if applicable) to the education level held by most applicants to the ability to work remotely.

It’s an interesting roundup of which Canadian job titles continue to grow, even in light of the recent pandemic. It also gives us a sense of where the Canadian job market is heading.

Time to brush up on our Excel skills, because that’s still step 1, right?