Already thinking about crackling fireplaces and Christmas lights? You might be a winter person. And it might be safe to say you probably like hot chocolate, too. Are we right? Of course we are. Even if you’re still shedding tears over colder weather, you could be shedding them into a nice cup of the best hot chocolate in Toronto.

Cold weather is just an excuse to drink chocolate. We’re all for it. Load it up with mini marshmallows, some extra flavouring, or even a little booze (makes it a lil’ spicy).

Here are some of our favourite hot chocolates in Toronto:

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Sweet Jesus


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Sweet Jesus goes absolutely hardcore on everything they make, and its hot chocolate is no exception! Try cookies & cream, Hella Hazelnut, Oh Hungry, or Bangin’ Brownie What the heck, try all four!

Where: Find your nearest locations here

S’cream Ice Cream + Coffee


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This is the spot for all things sweet and out of this world. They also serve a mean hot chocolate that will leave you wanting more. If you find yourself in Yorkville, make sure to stop by and check out their drink selections.

Where: 126 Cumberland Street



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Soma’s old news, but their hot chocolate is the definition of a seasonal must-have. After over 15 years, they’ve perfected the art of drinking chocolate. Order it malted, fudgy, spicy, with orange peel… the options will keep you happy all winter. Want to try something more traditional? Try its Mayan Hot Chocolate – it’s rich in flavour!

Where: 32 Tank House Lane & 443 King Street W

Cacao 70


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This place started out entirely as a drinking chocolate bar, which is what fancy people call really high-quality hot chocolate. Go drink your chocolate and see just how rich and chocolatey hot chocolate can be! We do recommend ordering it with semi-sweet chocolate if you’re not a huge sweet tooth. If you ARE a huge sweet tooth, you’re so set.

Where: 28 Gristmill Lane



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Come to Fika and order the most important thing on the menu: the lavender white hot chocolate. It’s a steamy blend of lavender bitters, white chocolate, house-made vanilla, and cardamom. You’ll never go back to normal hot chocolate, at least until next winter.

Where: 28 Kensington Avenue

Soul Chocolate


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This teeny little Toronto shop makes its very own chocolate, which means its hot chocolate is going to be unlike any other you’ve tasted. Pair it with a house-made pastry and you’re golden! Also, don’t try to leave without stocking up on their chocolate. Wanna grab us a bar of pistachio white?

Where: 583 Gerrard Street E

Chocosol Traders


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You won’t find a group of people in Toronto as passionate about craft chocolate as these. Chocolate is their first love (we relate), and their drinking chocolate is some of the best we’ve found. Stop by for a tasting, and realize you’ll never be going back to Timmie’s again.

Where: 1131 St Clair Avenue W & the St. Lawrence Market

Swiss Chocolate On Yorkville


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Who knew hot chocolate could be so… luxurious? Sip on the best Swiss hot chocolate the city has to offer. This all-in-one dessert shop and cafe offers a variety of chocolate creations and the sweetest cups of the hot beverage for in-store or to-go.

Where: 70 Yorkville Avenue

So much good hot chocolate in Toronto, so little time. Well, that’s not true, winter’s just getting started. Go try some of these out, and let us know which ones are your favourite!