We’ll bet you’re probably spending a fair amount of time on your phone at the moment. And that being said, it can be a little boring to keep scrolling the same feed on Instagram all the time. So, we thought we’d clue you guys in on some of the coolest Seattle Instagrams to follow.


Coolest Seattle Instagrams

Seattle native Andrew Callaghan has created one of the funniest Instagram pages to date. He travels around the country to interview some of the US’s most unique and colorful citizens. Plus, he’s a pretty great show host. If you’re in need of a laugh, definitely give this account a follow.


Coolest Seattle Instagrams

Linda Derschang is one of the Seattle restaurant and bar scene queens. She has a great eye and we love seeing into her life and the occasional pics of her super cute dog!

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The Stranger is our favorite local OG news source and their Instagram is pretty great as well. They post a mix of their articles, events and things seen around the city.


Poopu Market is a pop up market full of some of the coolest small brands and designers. And while they won’t be able to have any markets soon, they are still a great source for finding small brands and designers. That being said, when we can go to markets again, we highly recommend going to their next market.



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Jeffry Mitchell is one of our favorite contemporary Seattle artists. His work is out of this world and beyond whimsical. Between his posts of art, personal life and things he loves, his account will bring a smile to your face.


Coolest Seattle Instagrams

The museum of museums (MoM) is still relatively new to Seattle but has quickly become a well-loved institution. The MoM operates as a contemporary art space and holds shows, pop up events and markets. You definitely need to check them out when they are open again!


Coolest Seattle Instagrams

Renee Erickson is a James Beard award winning chef and is an owner of many Seattle restaurants. We love her Instagram for tons of food inspo, travel pics and a peek into her daily life!


Coolest Seattle Instagrams

LoveCityLove is a Seattle art space that showcases emerging artists and they host pop-up events. All in all its about making art accessible and we love their message and Instagram. Check them out for some of the coolest events and people in Seattle.

And that’s a wrap! We hope you enjoy and check out this list of the coolest Seattle Instagrams. Hopefully, you find something new or see an old favorite.

Have a great day Seattle!