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29 of the best things to do at home this April in Seattle

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Normally our monthly event guides are jam-packed full of super fun and unique local events. Obviously, this month is going to be a little different since we’ll all be at home until at least April 30th. However, there are still plenty of super fun things to do. So with that in mind, here are 29 things to do at home this April.

Explore the cosmos

There’s a lot more in this big old universe that just the earth. Remind yourself of your place on the cosmic scale by exploring NASA’s entire media library, which they’ve just released to the public for free. Photos, video, audio… heck, maybe you’re the person that gets inspiration from spooky space sounds, we don’t know.

Ride a rollercoaster besides the rollercoaster of life

Disney might have shut their parks for the foreseeable future, but we also live in the future. Confused? That’s us telling you that you can ride any number of Disney parks from home, for free. Check out their catalog for 360-degree videos online, and torture yourself by getting ‘It’s a small world after all’ stuck on a loop in your head.

Go down the rabbit hole

Have you ever heard of the Internet Archive? Well, it’s a website that strives to do just that. Public domain movies, books, and other content can all be found here. Plus, they’ve got a catalog of over 418 billion different webpages. Think of it as exploring another kind of cosmos.

Afterwards, check out some Awkward Family Photos

Don’t worry, it isn’t just your family that has those scary photos. Thousands of families have them. So sit back, relax and have a laugh at the best of the worst. Who knows, maybe you’ll be submitting some of your own.

Play some flash games

But not just any video games… flash games! You know, those games that got you in trouble every single time you stepped into the computer lab at school? Ok, maybe’s that was just us, but still. So far, 38,000 games and growing are free to access.

Or, go one step further

By checking out an in-browser emulator that gives you access to a wide variety of Nintendo and other older games. Pokemon, Sonic, Mario Bros. are all on here, often with multiple generations represented. Just be careful, you don’t want to get too invested in this.

And after. Help make Cards Against Humanity better

That’s right, play a few rounds online and help game developers pick the funniest cards. Or you can play a full game online with friends by clicking here.

Paint Something!

How adorable would this be? Instead of sending your friend/family member a good morning text during social isolation, you send them an authentic, one-off postcard. And, you don’t even need to have a Windows laptop from 2003 to use the original MS Paint. Score!

Listen to the radio

Here’s some old-timey fun for ya with a modern twist. Round up the grandkids on FaceTime, turn on your old radio, then plug in whatever adapter is necessary to listen to the radio off your laptop. And when we say the radio we mean it- every public radio station on earth is on this website.

Learn to play the guitar

Or the ukulele, or the bass… Because Fender is offering 3 months free for their super-popular teaching program Fender Play. If you’re trying to learn a new skill in your downtime, check this out for sure.

Or, teach yourself a magic trick

You could use this time to expand your skillset. Entertain whoever you’re stuck in quarantine with a magic trick or two. Tons of tutorials are available on YouTube. While you’re at it, see if you can find a trick for making COVID-19 disappear…

Have a ‘Mystery Night In’

It would make sense that the people behind ‘Mystery Night Out’ have pivoted to at-home activities. They were cooking before the COVID-19 outbreak, and they promise that any package purchased will directly support at least 10 local businesses. We like the sound of that!

Go to the Circus

Courtesy of a beloved Canadian brand- Cirque du Soleil. That’s right, the famous circus show is offering a behind the scenes look at the show. Start off with a 60-minute long special, then explore music playlists, instructional videos, and much more.

Watch some Wildlife

But safely, using the National Parks Services wildlife webcams. Bears, eagles, and aquatic animals are currently being featured, and it’s a great way to spend an hour. Very calming vibes.

And then explore Google Maps

Except, explore the weirdest screencaps that have ever been found there. You’d think that sending people around the earth with cameras strapped to their heads would produce some silly results. And, you’re absolutely right. Click the link above to see the best of the best (slightly NSFW)

Start a new series

April begins this week, and you know what that means. That’s right, there’s going to be a massive influx of new content coming to Netflix. Check out the full list and make your plans accordingly, folks.

Rewatch your favorite Disney movie

Regardless of whether or not you share the same test as us, now’s a great time to relive the magic of your youth. Pull out your favorite Disney classic, pop some popcorn, and enjoy some great stories. Bonus points if you rediscover one you completely forgot about. That’s what happened with us and The Sword in the Stone.

Learn something new!

Earlier this week, we showcased Massive Open Online Courses. These non-accredited courses are offered by some of the most prestigious schools in the world (Harvard and Yale are both involved). Plus, topics cover everything from moral philosophy to finance to microbiology.

Explore the world

The first option for this is to check out what Google just created. Called the Hidden Worlds of the National Parks, it offers you a unique look at some of America’s most stunning regions. On the other hand, you could click this link and see how empty the monuments around Italy currently are. Fair warning though, it’s spooky.

Support local businesses

Small businesses are usually the hardest hit by times like this. Pair that with the fact that most of them have decided, if not forced, to close dine-in operations and things get really tricky. So, we absolutely think that you deserve to treat yourself to a large meal, courtesy of your favorite local restaurant.

Have a Netflix and Chill Party!

While still practicing safe social distancing habits! And a new Chrome extension called Netflix Party blew up this week. Basically, it adds a chat screen into anything on Netflix and allows you to talk with your pals, or anyone, while it’s playing. Dang, this is win-win, people get to talk during the movie, and we don’t have to hear them? Score.

Finally check out the world’s best museums

We should have thought of this before going to Paris all those years ago. Whoops, well no regrets. However, if travel is limited this summer, we might have to spend a solid amount of time going on virtual tours of the best museums in the world. Not a bad consolation prize, and way cheaper!

While listening to the world’s best musicians

Yeah, in light of the recent hardships, a fair number of the world’s best artists and musicians have started doing impromptu concerts on social media. Check out either one of our roundups, or just check in with your favorite artists online! They’ve got nothing going on, either.

And then, round things off with a Broadway show

We found out this morning that Broadway shows are available to stream online. Now, while we can’t personally say we’ll be maintaining a subscription, we are intrigued by the free, week-long trial they’re currently offering.

Satisfy your late-night cravings

Earlier this week, we wrote a guide to some of our favorite Seattle spots offering late-night delivery services. Well, support local business and take advantage of these spots the next time you’re hankering for pizza at 1 AM. We think that frequency is only going up.

Jam out to Seattle essentials

The weekends are a hard time to not go stir-crazy right now, so why don’t you crack open a cold one and tune into some essential Seattle bands for a few hours? After all, some of the best musicians ever have come out of this town.

Have some Seattle Art Museum adventures

Stay Home with SAM gives users “art activities for all ages, videos, interviews, art news, and more to keep you connected to art”. It’s basically an online mix of art class and art history. And as more and more museums have released online collections, we’re excited to see SAM doing something different.

Write a letter to your future self

After all, one day we’ll all be able to go outside again. And writing a letter to your future self doesn’t sound like such a bad plan. We think it will help you look back on this time reflect.

And finally, make everything ok

It’s like the easy button but better. After all, who knew a button could really make everything ok. We’re amazed!

We hope you enjoy this list of things to do at home this April. Remember to stay inside and continue to social isolate. We’re all in this together folks!

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