What are you doing this weekend? Still not sure? Let’s sneak around a bit. No one can deny that when it comes to the Toronto bar scene, this city knows what it’s doing. But what about the more underground places? If you’re sick of the crowds at the mainstream locations and want a little exclusive getaway, check out some of the city’s best-kept secrets. Oh yeah baby, we’re talking the hidden bars and speakeasies of Toronto. A night out’s more fun when you have to find your way, isn’t it?

Here are 8 of the best hidden bars and speakeasies in Toronto.


mahjong bar toronto

Disguised behind a storefront, this hidden spot is one you won’t want to miss. It has a laid back vibe and all the Asian-style tapas you could dream of. We also want that palm tree wallpaper for our own home, but that’s another topic.

Where: 1276 Dundas St W


hidden bar toronto

This next pick is a local gem hidden behind a barber’s shop. It’s the perfect place try out some of their crazy cocktails! And hey, maybe after a few you’ll have the liquid courage to make the big hair change you’ve been daydreaming about.

Where: 88 Ossington Ave


This secret spot has all the mystery and allure the name suggests. What’s hiding behind the cloak? A speakeasy cocktail bar of course! This place has a cool and classy feel you won’t want to miss. The interior is truly jaw-dropping. There are tons of small plate bar tapas available, but if you get a little hungrier just go upstairs to the restaurant it’s located under and grab some dinner! Easy peasy, man.

Where: 488 Wellington St


hidden bar toronto

This hidden spot is such a secret, it’s right there in the name! Hush Hush Bar is disguised as a quiet convenience store and located in the heart of the Junction. The place is a nod to the area’s historic prohibition with vintage decor and old-school classics on the menu.

Where: 2952 Dundas St W


hidden bar toronto

This place, named after Pablo Escobar (woo, drug lords!) is so hidden it requires a secret password to get in. Lucky for you, we have it! And the password is…. Just kidding! It changes daily. Fair warning, we’ve heard very mixed reviews about this place. However, it’s worth it for a picture under that “Pablo loves you” sign if you ask us, and we’ve got to include it considering it’s the most difficult bar to get into on the list.

Where: 485 King St W



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When we’re talking about hidden bars in Toronto, Kensington Market is always first in our minds. This gem is buried in the Kensington Mall. To get there, go through a somewhat sketchy hallway and find a door marked only with a glowing red light. Go through and congratulations! You’ve found Cold Tea. This spot has an underground feel and great cocktails.

Where: 60 Kensington Ave


speakeasy toronto

We know you spend most of your of Saturday nights shopping for religious goods, so this place isn’t too far of a stretch. Hidden behind a religious merch store, this speakeasy has that low-lit cool vibe you’ve been looking for. Also, they have live music every Thursday. Weird mix of vibes, but we dig it!

Where: 1047 Gerrard St E


the standard

This place is called The Standard, and we promise you, that’s just what it sets. Follow the flamingo through a pizza place and a graffiti tunnel to find this hidden gem. The speakeasy has a real 1920s prohibition throwback feel- classic and timeless. It’s the ideal choice for your Saturday night!

Where: 1316 Queen St W

So, which of these incredible speakeasies in Toronto will you be hitting up? Don’t know about you, but we’re setting up shop at The Cloak for a while.