Life is a choose your own adventure: what are we getting intoxicated by? Where are we going? The night’s over, so are we turning to page 34 for McDon’s or are we flipping to page 72 for a 24-hour restaurant? Food all day fills a need. Namely, a ‘2 AM pancakes or burger’ need. These 24-hour restaurants in Toronto are here to fill the need, any time of day.


best 24 hour restaurants toronto

Big portions, 24/7, cash only. This unfussy noodle space isn’t going to give you a luxurious midnight dining experience. However, it will give you a full stomach to offset the generous serving of Smirnoff you’re already regretting.

Where: 525 Dundas St W


the lakeview

This place is literally always open. Also, our man crush Guy Fieri popped in once upon a time, so you know their menu of diner classics is worth the late-night adventure. Try the apple pie milkshake and thank us later!

Where: 1132 Dundas St W


7 west

You probably came here expecting diners. We’ve definitely got that on the list, but this place is a step above. Rooftop patios, pasta, and drinks don’t normally come 24/7, but dreams sometimes come true!

Where: 7 Charles St W


night baker

This all-night cookie delivery bakery can break into our bedroom at any hour they please. Just put a chewy s’mores cookie in our mouth before you strangle us, mmkay? They deliver during the day, and then they’re open late all week so you can go get your fix far into the evening.

Where: 825 College St



Let’s all say a nice big thank you to Fran for serving all-day breakfast, pasta, sandos, steak, and burgers. Thank you, Fran. Also, the bottomless coffee at all hours! Thank you again, Fran.

Where: Several locations


24 hour restaurants in toronto

Korean food, but any time of day. Your hunger for bulgogi shouldn’t have to abide by a schedule, so come here whenever the mood strikes.

Where: 700 Bloor St W



East enders, hop into this spot for 24/7 breakfast. The bagels are unreal, and somehow poutine tastes even better when you’re outside of socially acceptable eating hours. Also… it’s a gas station too, so you can check that off the to-do list.

Where: 550 Wellington St W

Skip the Big Mac and the broken McFlurry machine to get some real sustenance. These 24-hour restaurants in Toronto are ready to fill your tank (Leslieville Pumps puns) whenever you need it!