Why not take two cuisines and just smash them the heck together? Sometimes unexpected combinations can be the most delicious. We’re diving deep into those dishes that you never could have imagined, and exploring some of the best fusion restaurants in Toronto. Opposites attract, apparently! Our tastebuds are confused but we love it.

Here are 5 of our favourite fusion restuarants in Toronto.


dai lo fusion toronto

Chinese and French foods don’t often coexist. At Dai Lo, Chef Nick Liu is making it work! Expect dishes like a 90-day dry-aged rib roast with truffle pomme puree and braised shiitake mushroom master bordelaise sauce. That was a lot of words, but all you really need to know is that the menu spares no expense when it comes to impressing you.

Where: 503 College St


patois fusion

Take your tastebuds on a vacation at this Caribbean-Asian joint, where flavours like pineapple and jerk chicken hang out with foie gras and potstickers. Don’t take our recommendation, though- it was featured in The Food Network’s Big Food Bucket List.

Where: 794 Dundas St W


toronto restaurants

This French-American spot is most known for the legendary, absurd 13 layer chocolate cake, but you should also be tasting the rest of the menu, too. Along with the cake, of course. A posh interior lends itself to a menu borrowing the best of both sides of the pond- think whole truffle chicken and decadent burgers.

Where: 325 Bay St


rasa fusion

It’s definitely a little war cabin-ish in here, but get cozy amid the unusual interior and focus on the menu. It’s a little Korean, a little Ukranian, and a lot family style. Nibble from octopus to burrata ravioli, and bring plenty of friends so you can try it all.

Where: 196 Robert St



Kinda sounds like a trendy baby name, but it’s really a cozy Pan-Asian/Latin eatery. The ceviche is must-try here, but we’re also big fans of the frog legs with poblano and Szechuan spices. Yes, frog legs. It’s time to take a long-legged leap out of the box, pals!

Where: 207 Ossington Ave

Feeling adventurous? We are too, and also really dang hungry. You can pick which of these great Toronto fusion restaurants to hit up, and we’ll follow.