There’s something about those lesser-known restaurants that just make us *feel* like the food tastes better. Maybe it’s the cozy ambience, or the feeling that we’ve stumbled upon a hidden gem. Or maybe it’s the sense of adventure and risk we get when we aren’t 100% positive they are up to health code. Just kidding, these places are all up to standards. We checked. Whatever it is, the spots on this list have our mouths watering just thinking about them!

Here are 6 must-try Toronto restaurants you might not have even known about.


Taco chance on this adorable Mexican spot right in the heart of Kensington Market! Yes, we know that was a cringe-worthy pun. No, we don’t need to taco-bout it. Ha ha ha, we did it again. Seriously though, these hand-sized tacos are to die for. We recommend the Baja fish! This place is starting to gain the rep it deserves, so stop by before it blows up.

Where: 69 Kensington Ave


This classic pub has all your favourite greasy eats. Burgers, wings, nachos, poutine. You name it, they’ve got it. Located in the heart of Bloordale Village, this gem has been around since 1949. With over fifty years under their belt, you KNOW they know what they’re doing! It’s less-explored, and just waiting for you on Friday night.

Where: 1238 Bloor St W



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Looking for brunch but with a Filipino twist? Look no further. Open Friday-Sunday, this adorable spot will have you licking your plate clean. Come back in the summer to take advantage of their pretty pink picnic tables out front!

Where: 76 Lippincott St


We can’t write about lesser-known restaurants without mentioning this spot. It’s right in there in the restaurant’s name! This self-proclaimed local watering hole has great food, tons of beer options, and live music almost every night of the week. Can’t wait to see you there this weekend!

Where: 2867A Dundas St W


It’s hard to believe this place isn’t an actual utopia. Located in the heart of Little Italy, their food is so good you’ll wonder if maybe you really have imagined the whole thing. Plus, their plant-covered walls and exposed brick aesthetic is out of this world!

Where: 586 College St


If you’re feeling saucy, there are endless pasta-bilities at this Italian gem. Pair your pasta or pizza with your favourite vino for an Italian meal you wish you tried sooner. It’s family-owned and it feels like home! Hey, that rhymed!

Where: 591 College St

There you have it! Dinner plans for the week are set with these underrated Toronto restaurants. Don’t mind us, we’ll just be over here cleaning up our drool.