You know the feeling. It’s 2AM, you’re not really in your sober state of mind, and all you can think of is a big ol’ plate of food. It can be tough to figure out what you want to eat after the bar in Toronto, especially when you’re not at *ahem* peak mental acuity. And on top of that, what if you’re feeling more like pancakes, but the only place you can think of just serves stale pizza? Worry no more, because we’ve just solved all your problems. Seriously. All of them. You’re welcome.

Here are 6 places to eat after the bar in Toronto. You’ll thank us later.


restaurant open late

It doesn’t have to be 11am on a Sunday for you to crave brunch food. It’s just as delicious at 3am. Maybe even more delicious, we’ve tested it out. This adorable diner will have you feeling like you stepped back in time. Family owned since 1940, they have all day (and night) breakfast, homemade pies, and milkshakes galore. If you’re not in the mood for breakfast in the early hours of the morning, they also have plenty of other options like burgers, fries, and more!

Where: 20 College St
Hours: 24 hours (full list of hours and locations here)


after the bar toronto

Abracadabra abracadeer, make my drunchies disappear! This joint, titled with a play on the name of famous magician Houdini, will have you feeling like you’re truly experiencing wizardry. What’s better in the middle of the night than fries oozing with cheese curds and gravy? Nothing. Literally nothing. We’ll see you there.

Where: 1112 Queen St W
Hours: Till 3:30am Friday and Saturday nights (full list of hours here)


eat after the bar toronto

In case you’re the type that looks for something a little cozier and classier in the middle of the night, this is the place for you. Just steps from the University of Toronto campus, this multilevel cafe is chock full of pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, and more. If you want a full dinner at 3am, they’ve got you covered. They even offer breakfast at all hours! What more could you ask for?

Where: 7 Charles St W
Hours: 24 hours


restaurant open late

This place might feel like you’ve stumbled from one bar right into another. But if you’re looking for the best plate of nachos you can find at 3am, trust us, it’s worth it. Guac it up any night of the week at this trendy College Street spot! You won’t regret it.

Where: 431 College St
Hours: Till 4am Friday and Saturday nights (full list of hours here)


restaurant open late

This is THE one stop shop for burger, fries, and all things deep fried. Gorge on those greasy onion rings. Indulge in deep fried pickles and mac n’ cheese balls. Spoil yourself with gooey deep fried Mars bars oozing on your plate. Get the picture? Of course, they do have a pretty decent salad selection if you’re feeling like being a little healthier. But let’s be real here, that’s not why we choose this spot at this hour of the morning.

Where: 1132 Dundas St W
Hours: 24 hours


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Okay, maybe SOMETIMES you really are looking for a healthier option. We didn’t say any less hearty or soul satisfying. Just a little healthier. If so, this is the spot we recommend. This Middle Eastern  joint has all the fresh ingredients and all the flavour you could imagine. Pile your plate high with shawarma, falafel, hummus, and more. They even have some vegan options if that’s what you’re into!

Where: 661 College St
Hours: Till 4am (full list of hours and locations here)

Be sure to bookmark this page! Next time you’re out living it up and catch a craving, pull out this article and see where the night takes you. We hope your post-bar eats in Toronto are the best part of your night.