There’s nothing quite like a night out in Toronto. We’re not biased or anything, but we’ve definitely got one of the best bar scenes in the country. Okay, okay, we’re super biased. But that doesn’t mean we’re wrong! Anyway, it’s no secret that the restaurant scene here is also pretty dope. So why not combine the two? If you’re planning a night out this weekend, make it even better by hitting up one of these stellar spots before ya go. They’re all sure to set the tone for a crazy awesome night out on the town.

Here are 6 restaurants to hit before a night out in Toronto.


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This spot has multiple locations around the city, but we recommend going to the Queen Street one before the bars. It’s conveniently located right by all the action! Plus, the delicious Italian eats will keep your tummy happy all night long. Nothing like some good old carbs to protect that stomach from impending doom.

Where: Full list of locations here


night out toronto

Tacos and tequila, baby! Get the party started at this delicious Mexican joint. They have tons of delicious taco options to choose from. Plus, they have loads of guac. And who doesn’t go crazy for guac? Margaritas are a great pre-drinking option, don’t question us on that.

Where: 1330 Queen St W



If you want something a little lighter, and dare we say… healthy? Head to this spot. They’ve got multiple locations downtown Toronto so whichever you hit, you’re sure to be near some of the stellar nightlife. You’ll be full-on tasty food without any dairy or meat, which’ll keep things feeling light and fresh. Sometimes you need to make at least one good decision on a Saturday.

Where: Full list of locations here



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Okay, this resto is so fun you might not even leave for the bar. Hey, don’t say we didn’t warn you. Dine on juicy jerk chicken or dirty fried rice before diving into their cocktail list. And one even comes served in a pineapple! Pineapples get the people going!

Where: 794 Dundas St W



This seafood spot overlooks King Street and is right in the heart of all the best action the city has to offer. Plus, they have a stellar happy hour with $6 martinis from 4 PM – 9 PM every Tuesday through Saturday. Perfect for getting a little warmed up if we say so ourselves!

Where: 2nd Floor, 350 King St W


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This resto’s so lit it’s basically a bar. They have more beers on tap than we can count, and all of them are only $8.75 Monday – Saturday from 10 PM – close! Plus, they have loads of wine and cocktails available. Oh, and if you want some food (which you should, because Fireball doesn’t belong in an empty stomach) they’ve got some of the best pizza in the heart of Toronto. At least that’s what they say… We’re still tasting around to decide for ourselves.

Where: 100 King St W

So get out there and get the party started. Any of these Toronto spots are cherries on top of the amazing night you’re sure to have out and about!