Heated blankets, hot cocoa, naps, the sound of David Attenborough’s Planet Earth voice. We may have just described our everyday routine. But nothing defines comfort more accurately than comfort food. A gooey bowl of mac n’ cheese. A crunchy fried chicken sandwich. Swoon! Luckily, Toronto has a sweet selection of cozy spots that are perfect for your day of carb-filled comfort. We’ve picked out a few places to get comfort food that just hit the spot. 

Here are 6 of the best spots to get comfort food in Toronto.


Frankie’s menu is stacked high with tasty burgers, sandwiches, breakfast, and of course, a lil southern comfort. They actually have a Southern Comfort, served with classic fried chicken n’ waffles and topped with maple syrup. That sounds like it’ll solve every problem we’ve ever had. 

Where: 994 Queen St W


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Kensington Market may seem like a busy place, but despite its name, there is nothing K-otic about this spot. Simple food served in hearty portions, K-OS offers a good bang for your buck and warm neighbourhood vibes when it comes to brunch, lunch and dinner. There’s also a big, relaxing patio out front. We never said comfort meant staying indoors, people!

Where: 61 Bellevue Ave


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Fried chicken sandwiches. The first thing you see in big, red lettering. Yep, we totally thought that was their name too. If you’re like us, the need to feel comfortable sometimes comes when you’re on the move. So, swing by PG Clucks and grab a chicken sandwich on the go. And if you want to get that comforting feeling to last longer, grab a donut. Fried food, man. It does something to the soul. 

Where: 384 Bloor St W and 610 College St


Guide: 6 of the best spots to get comfort food in Toronto

Yes, the rumours are true – there is comfort to be had when you go vegan. Hit up Hogtown for that much needed, plant-based coziness. We’re going straight for that unChicken n’ Waffles. It’s chicken n’ waffles, but without the chicken yet still chicken n’ waffles. Hits just right. 

Where: 382 College St and 1056 Bloor St W


resto boemo

If you’re wandering about Assembly trying to find comfort in edible form (we’ve done this before, okay), try Resto Boemo. Their comfort food has a contemporary, chef-driven twist. That means you can feel a little more refined while you get into a a towering burger! As if that mattered.

Where: Assembly Chef’s Hall, 111 Richmond St W


bobbie sues

When ultimate comfort is needed, we go to mac n’ cheese. Sweats on, orange in the pot. Actually, forget the KD and sweats. Or, grab the sweats and wear them to Bobbie Sue’s. They leave plenty of room for hot dog mac, which is our personal favourite. 

Where: 162 Ossington Ave



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This is the place for old-school comfort food. The staff is super friendly, which is always nice when you’re there to eat your feelings. Most people are here for burgers, but our personal fave is the cheesesteak. Come for the buffalo sauce, stay for the food-induced serotonin increase.

Where: 75 St Nicholas St #104

These decadent comfort food restaurants in Toronto are sure to hit the spot. And maybe hit our wallets and calorie count a little too. But so worth it. You can’t put a price on comfort, we suppose.