We don’t know about you, but we don’t want to leave our house this week. We’ll be ordering delivery, thanks. Fun fact: the 6ix was given that name because of the six boroughs that make up the city. Well, at least that’s one of many fan theories on why Drake gave us that namesake. But assuming it’s true, what’s more fitting than finding the perfect delivery spot for each? It doesn’t get more Toronto than that.

Here are 6 of our fave takeout/delivery spots for each of the neighbourhoods in Toronto.


the works

Downtown and craving a burger with the works but don’t wanna do the work to go get it? No need to worry. This spot will bring their delicious creations right to your door. Well, an UberEats courier will, that is. Choose from their extensive menu of gourmet burgers for your dinner. We recommend The Hipster Burger, cause it comes with avocado. You really can’t go wrong with avocado.

Neighbourhood: Old Toronto


owl of minerva

This place is famous for its delicious eats. Hey, it’s right there in the name! You can get all the Korean BBQ you can dream of delivered right to your door. Ever since the Bloor Street location was closed in 2003, the one in North York is where it’s at. So hit it up, North York pals. Well, hit the delivery app up. You just stay snuggled in at home, it’ll come right to ya.

Neighbourhood: North York


delivery takeout toronto

Get all Afghani & Middle Eastern Food at this Scarborough spot. Their delicious grilled skewers and massive meals will keep you full for ages. In fact, you’ll probably have leftovers. Good things it’s already in a takeout container! Makes for super easy fridge storage.

Neighbourhood: Scarborough


delivery takeout toronto

This place is sure to make and impact on your delivery game. It’s definitely the healthiest on this list, but that doesn’t mean it’s not also possibly the most delicious. The spot was founded on the belief that food truly can have an impact on our daily lives, and they use fresh and whole ingredients to prove it. Get gluten-free, paleo, or vegan options brought right to your door.

Neighbourhood: East York



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Pass the parmesan! This west end spot has some of the best Italian available for delivery. Pizza and pasta, what could go wrong? Nobody can judge our carb intake if we’re not in public…

Neighbourhood: Etobicoke


delivery takeout toronto

This place is perfect for a light Japanese bite. They have super fresh fish and tons of rolls to choose from. Plus, if you’re not in the York area, they also have a couple locations elsewhere in the city. Check out a full list here. Stay wrapped up in your blanket like a hand roll while they bring your sushi snack to you!

Neighbourhood: York

So let’s all get snacking from the comfort of our own home. No matter where you are in Toronto, delivery awaits! Order away…