With summer fully underway, we thought that now’s a good time to tell you about the beautiful waterfalls to visit near Vancouver. And what’s more, these are waterfalls that you can actually swim in/near while you visit.

A little note though first. Waterfalls are dangerous, and you should make sure that you’re familiar with the location. Have fun and be safe!

Here are 5 waterfalls to check out near Vancouver.

Cascade Falls

cascade falls

Located in the Cascade Falls Regional Park, this is the perfect warmup waterfall to visit. The walk in and out is super short, but you can still dip your toes and commune with nature a little bit.

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Crystal Falls

crystal falls

There are a few different routes you can take that incorporate the falls. So, you can either have a leisurely walk or a day-long hike to get here. We recommend the latter, since the quick dip at the base of the falls with be that much more worth it.

Twin Falls

twin falls

A short, popular hike located in Lynn Canyon Provincial Park. This one is probably going to busy on weekends for the rest of the summer. So, we think you should get a few friends rounded up, take a Wednesday off, and head there for the early afternoon.

Norvan Falls

norvan falls

A half-day hike taking you into the Lynn Headwaters area off of North Vancouver. Going to be perfect for the summer, and might just be our top recommendation off of this list. But, of course, you should explore them all!

Myra Falls

myra falls

If you’re heading out to Vancouver Island this summer, then this needs to be number 1 on your list of hikes. You can pick two trails for Myra Falls, and both are worth it. The lower trail gives you a great view of the falls themselves. On the other hand, the upper trail features a vista of the lake below. It’s a toss-up.

Now, we could have included Brandywine Falls in this list, but honestly, the fact that the trail isn’t maintained kind of sketches us out. Maybe we will go check it out this summer and report back to you.

Anyway, those are the best waterfalls for swimming near Vancouver. Go explore the great outdoors, folks!