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Guide: 9 amazing spring hiking spots near Van

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The days are getting warmer and soon we will be more focused on the rain factor instead of whether or not it’s going to snow again. And you know what this means- your outdoorsy friend will soon be organizing day trips to go hiking near Vancouver.

Before we get into it, we should let you know that spring hiking around Vancouver often come with unforeseen difficulties related to trail conditions and weather. So, make sure that you are, if anything, overprepared and more than willing to turn around if things get sketchy. We recommend using the Vancouver Trails website to get the best rundown.

Anyway, surprise your friends by knowing the 9 best spots for spring hiking near Vancouver.

Big Cedar and Kennedy Falls Trail

kennedy falls

Starting North of Lynn Valley, this trail winds through the forest before stopping at the gorgeous Kennedy Falls. A fun part of this one is the Big Cedar- a roughly 600-year-old tree that is one of the few in the area that wasn’t logged. Hikes around Vancouver don’t get much cooler than this one.

When: Probably open around late April or early May
Distance: 10km round trip
Difficulty: Intermediate

Cypress Falls

cypress falls

Another North Shore classic, Cypress Falls is an easy, year-round walk that sees two different waterfalls. Word to the wise, do not mess around at Cypress Falls, the area near the cliff may have eroded and loose dirt could give way.

When: Open year round
Distance: 3km round trip
Difficulty: Easy

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Brohm Lake Interpretive Forest

brohm lake

A quiet path that winds through moss covered forest around Brohm Lake. Great for those who just want to get out for the day and mess around in nature. Multiple paths are available, but we suggest just doing the outer loop.

When: Open late April or early May
Distance: Up to 7.5km round trip
Difficulty: Easy to Intermediate

Crooked Falls

crooked falls

A gorgeous hike that ends at an incredible waterfall. There are several scenic viewpoints of the Squamish Valley throughout and it is a great remote hike near Vancouver to get you warmed up for later in the summer.

When: Open late April or early May
Distance: 6k round trip
Difficulty: Intermediate

Minnekhada Regional Park


A year-round park on the outskirts of Coquitlam. Another great summer warmup hike near Vancouver, and one that offers a little different view as Minnekhada is mostly marshlands. Good for looking for wildlife, too.

When: Open year-round
Distance: 10km round trip
Difficulty: Easy

Quarry Rock

quarry rock

The classic day hike, and definitely one of the most popular spring hikes around Vancouver. Not much to be said about it, except that the view at the top is exceptional and you should bring some Honey Doughnuts with you.

When: Open year-round
Distance: 3.8km round trip
Difficulty: Easy

Sea to Summit Trail

sea to summit

Why pay money to take the Sea to Sky Gondola when you can just walk up? That’s our mentality, at least. This winding trail features almost a km of elevation gain and includes a little bit of scrambling, so prepare accordingly. Spring, summer, fall, doesn’t matter the season, this is undoubtedly some of the best hiking around Vancouver.

When: Still kind of frozen, so maybe late April or early May for those without traction gear
Distance: 7.5km up
Difficulty: Intermediate to hard

The Stawamus Chief

stawamus chief

This trail actually shares part of the Sea to Summit Trail, so make sure you’re following the signs. Start at the stunning Shannon Falls, then get ready to walk up the Chief before getting that picture perfect view of Howe Sound. You can do just the lower peak, or climb all three, depending on your mood.

When: Probably ok late April or early May
Distance: 11km round-trip
Difficulty: Intermediate

Tunnel Bluffs

tunnel bluffs

A relatively challenging hike that starts just north of Lions Bay and includes exposed rock sections. There are solid viewpoints, and the final one makes the mud more than worth it.

When: Probably late May or early June
Distance: 6km round-trip
Difficulty: Intermediate

And that’s our guide to the best spring hiking near Vancouver! Now get out there and make some memories, team.