Are you craving Caribbean? We sure are, food and tropical vacation both. Honestly, writing this list isn’t helping. Why do we torment ourselves with food guides right before lunch? We’re in the mood for Jamaican food, which there’s plenty of right here in Toronto. Keep on reading, cause we’ve got some places you need to hear about.

Here are 5 of the best places to get Jamaican food in Toronto.


Jamaican food Toronto

This spot is our pick for the Jamaican restaurant with the coolest vibe in the city. They make sure that their love for the local art scene and music is evident at all of their Toronto locations. Plus, their jerk chicken is to die for! Try it out and thank us later.

Where: Full list of locations here


Jamaican food Toronto

Chubby’s is making us chubby. We regret nothing. Chubby’s Jamaican Kitchen offers home-style cooking infused with Jamaican culture. All their dishes are celebrations of love for the island. you just might fall in love too- it’s hard not to at a restaurant this good. Our faves are the grilled shrimp wraps and the oxtail stew.

Where: 104 Portland St


Jamaican food toronto

Rasta Pasta is a Jamaican spot with a bit of a twist. An Italian twist, that is. This restaurant combines classic Jamaican recipes infused with Italian inspired flavours. It’s certainly one of a kind! Plus, all of their dishes are made from scratch in-house, so you know you’re getting the freshest food there is.

Where: 61 Kensington Ave

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We’d be jerks if we didn’t tell you about The Real Jerk. This spot has been around for three decades and offers traditional Caribbean soul food in a laid-back environment. It’s exactly the energy our post-work dinner needs.

Where: 1004 Kingston Rd and 842 Gerrard St E


Jamaican food toronto

Who’s king of the jerks? Wait, that sounds kinda wrong. We digress. This place has delivery as well as eat-in, so it’s perfect if you’re not especially motivated to leave the house. We love the lunch specials, especially the curry chicken.

Where: 2079 Lawrence Ave W

So what are you waiting for? Ja-makin’ us crazy. Yeah, we needed to say that at least once here. If you have any leftovers, be sure to send them to the Curiocity Toronto office. We have noooo problem finishing them off for ya.