Hello Vancouver! It’s a pretty nice city we live in, isn’t it? And guess what, even though it’s young there’s still a ton of stuff to do here. And, some of these things are practically only available here. So, make the most of your time and become a true Vancouverite with these unique activities and places to see.

Here are 12 unique parts of Vancouver.

Events and Activities

Set off inner-city fireworks


If you didn’t know, Vancouver actually does allow people to light off their own fireworks on Halloween. If you get a permit, you can head to a local park and go wild with friends, just as long as you follow their guidelines.

Enjoy a big old Fireworks Festival

celebration of light

So you don’t actually want to have your own fireworks show but still like them. No problem, the Honda Celebration of Light is a yearly event that showcases the best of the best from an ever-changing lineup of countries.

Check out a massive Pride Parade

pride parade

Vancouver is probably one of the most progressive cities in North America when it comes to accepting and celebrating LGBTQ+ communities. So it only makes sense that our Pride Parade is the largest in Western Canada, and one of the largest in North America in general.

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Fill up on Ramen

ramen danbo

Vancouver still absolutely shuts down the ramen game in Canada, and we will defend our opinion til death. From kara-miso to shio, tsukemen to toripai tan, you cannot go wrong here.

Find your new favourite kind of Sushi


Another cuisine that Vancouver dominates in. Try something classic like Tojo’s (home of the California roll) or somewhere more modern like Miku. Of course, getting take out from your local sushi place will be delicious too.

Be a health nut with Vegan and Vegetarian

the acorn

Vancouver has one of the best vegan restaurant scenes in the world. Don’t believe us? Well, Acorn just got the top spot, while places like Heirloom, Meet, and Eternal Abundance keep them in check.


Get learned at UBC

ubc moa

The Museum of Anthropology at UBC is one of the best museums of its kind in the world. With a focus on First Nations groups, you could spend a day here and walk out knowing way more about the history of the Pacific Northwest than you thought was possible.

Appreciate an Open Air Museum

As part of the Vancouver Biennale, large scale outdoor art projects have been popping up all over the city for years. From A-maze-ing Laughter in English Bay to the OSGEMEOS mural at Granville Island, Vancouver has really been stepping things up.

Get into the beer scene

Vancouver is home to one of the most community-oriented and dense craft brewery scenes in North America, not just Canada. Pair that with the fact that you can walk to most of them in a single day, and you’ve got an opportunity for adult fun that is hard to beat.

Outdoor Stuff

Stan out for Stanley Park

seawall vancouver

Once named the best urban park in the world, Stanley Park is probably the most famous part of Vancouver. Legend has it that if you’ve not biked around it and documented the trip, you’re not eligible to vote.

Get loosey-goosey at Wreck Beach

wreck beach

Another absolute classic in Vancouver, and one of only 2 officially recognized clothing-optional beaches in Canada. The stairs to get down are no joke, but once you’re there get ready to appreciate one of the best beaches in the city, and for sure the most vibrant.

(Don’t) Explore The Tunnels at UBC


So you definitely should not try to explore these things, but yes, there are a ton of tunnels that form an underground network at the UBC Campus. Back when we were at school there, some of our more ‘alt’ friends would check these out when they weren’t too busy breaking into abandoned mansions in West Van.

And that’s our guide to some of the things that make Vancouver so special! We will keep our eyes peeled for stuff that we missed over the summer, and let us know if you think something should be on here!