I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. And with this unbelievable heat in Toronto, we’ve all been screaming a little louder these days. So if you want a summer treat to beat the summer heat, this is the list for you. This city is chock full of delicious ice cream spots that are yours to discover. So get that spoon ready and let’s get to it!

Here are 10 amazing ice cream spots to try in Toronto.


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This delicious spot is Toronto’s very first Thai-inspired ice cream roll joint. It opened in the city back in 2016. And since then, it’s been a go-to for those delicious looking ice cream roll-ups you see on Instagram all the time. Each cup is made from house-made ice cream and handcrafted right in front of you. Plus, they have a ton of delicious flavours and toppings to choose from!

Where: 21 Baldwin St.


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You can’t go wrong with this classic Toronto spot. They’ve got all the most out-there flavours you could imagine. Think things like Lychee Rosewater Raspberry and Genmaicha-Matcha Tiramisu (that one has alcohol in it!!). But somehow, they all work! Plus, you can pick from their freshly baked cookies to make your treat into a delicious ice cream sandwich.

Where: 93A Ossington Ave


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Do you like your ice cream piled high? Yeah us. Which is why we’re obsessed with Dutch Dreams. They have a ton of incredible flavours and toppings available. But our personal favourite is the “6ix Buzz” in a Skor waffle cone. Yum!!

Where: 36 Vaughan Rd


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This sweet gelato spot is a delicious choice for an Italian inspired creamy snack. They may be a small family-owned joint, but their flavours are astronomical. You can choose from tasty options like Sicilian Pistachio, Tahitian Vanilla, Cappuccino, and more. Mmm, our mouths are watering already!

Where: 1640 Bayview Ave


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This tasty spot is perfect for that classic ice cream shop feel. They’ve got four locations across the city. And their first opened 20 years ago! So you know they’re good if they’ve lasted that long, right? Stop by for some made-in-house ice cream, sorbet, and more.

Where: 2224 Queen St E, 920 Queen St E, 189 Roncesvalles Ave, and 2370 Lake Shore Blvd W


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Okay, this spot is definitely one for the ‘gram. They’re Toronto’s very first charcoal ice cream joint! And they’re known for their signature black cones. Their menu includes some crazy soft serve flavours like “Ube All The Way” (purple yam), “Black on Black” (coconut with activated charcoal), “Meet Your Matcha” (a bright green matcha cone). Seriously, you’ve gotta see this place to believe it.

Where: 831 Queen St W


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Who doesn’t love a good old dipped cone? At this Toronto spot you can choose from over 40 different dip flavours, so there’s sure to be something for everyone! Plus, they have a ton of incredible toppings like mini donuts, sprinkles, cereal, and more.

Where: 3264 Yonge St


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Are you even from Toronto if you haven’t tried Eva’s Original yet? This staple spot is known for its incredible chimney cones. A chimney is a freshly-baked Hungarian pastry that is soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside. And, of course, at Eva’s, it comes stuffed with some delicious ice cream! They have tons of flavours to choose from. But we recommend sticking to a classic vanilla so you can really appreciate that chimney cone.

Where: 454 Bloor St W


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This selection is for all you vegans out there. Just cause you don’t eat dairy doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a cone or two! And this stellar spot offers a 100% vegan menu. They’re “nice cream” is actually made of blended frozen bananas. And it comes in a variety of different flavours. Healthy and delicious?? Sign us up.

Where: 4750 Yonge St


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Just like its name, this place is a whole celebration. They’re famous for offering Toronto’s craziest ice cream sandwiches. And trust us, they don’t disappoint. You can mix and match flavours, cookies, and toppings when you stop by this scrumptious spot. Plus, you can even order a “Quarantine Kit” and have those ice cream and cookies delivered right to your door! BRB placing an order right now…

Where: 16 Vaughan Rd

So which ice cream spot will you be hitting first? Don’t know about you guys, but we’ll be making our way through this list all week long.