It’s not every day that Seattle gets a new neighborhood. Because let’s face it, this city is pretty rooted in its 7 hills. But now we can officially welcome a new ‘designated area’ aka the neighborhood of Uptown. Which, you’re probably wondering, encompasses the area west of Aurora Avenue North, north of Denny Way, east of Elliott Avenue West, and south of Roy Street.

That means the Seattle Center and all of its accompanying arts organizations now are located in a new hood. Because yesterday, the Seattle City Council voted for city departments and other entities to accurately identify the neighborhood. Now we’re not going to lie, this is an area that OG Seattleites will probably never stop calling Lower Queen Anne.

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Photo via Google Maps

Now while this new neighborhood is kind of entertaining and cool, it probably won’t change a ton for you other than signage. Because basically, the whole point of this change and designation is so that the area is properly identified. Meaning the next time you hop on Google Maps, you’ll probably see a new bolded name for the area.

And it also means the next time that you visit the Space Needle or Seattle Center, you’ll no longer be in lower Queen Anne. Which if you ask us is pretty wild to think about. But hey, the times most certainly are changing. If you’d like to learn more you can click here.