Listen up Torontonians (and those living in the GTA)! We are here on important business. The business of giving a huge shoutout to Good Foot Delivery. And no, it isn’t just for their exceptional service!

Photo courtesy of Good Foot Delivery

Whether or not you’ve used their services, you probably have heard of Good Foot Delivery. The Toronto-based Courier service has carved quite a place for itself in the industry over the past decade. But it’s doing more than just making deliveries.

This local Courier service has been changing the lives of its staff and winning the hearts of its customers along the way. And here’s how—

By being a Social Enterprise Inclusive Employer

Good Foot Delivery was established by siblings Kirsten Gauthier and Jon in 2010. Part of the neurodivergent community himself, Jon struggled with employment for years. And so the siblings made it their mission to provide meaningful employment for the neurodivergent community.

Ever since, Good Foot has tailored its employment program to ensure every Courier has the support and tools required for success, both in the workplace and community at large. 

Not only does Good Foot provide initial training and employment, the organization works with every Courier on an ongoing basis to maximize potential and overall independence.

Photo courtesy of Good Foot Delivery

By being a low-emission delivery

Good Foot is a low-emission delivery service. All of their deliveries are completed either on foot or via public transit. You could say that when it comes to its carbon footprint, the company is bringing its “good foot” forward.

By being the absolute best at what they do

This one is a no-brainer. One of the primary reasons why the Courier service is so popular is because they are, in fact, doing a great job. They are easy to book and provide same-day delivery on all orders- big and small. And complete all deliveries with utmost care.

Plus, their Couriers will be sure to put a smile on your face with their friendly demeanor! They always go above and beyond for every order. In case you were wondering, you can find cute caricatures (along with hobbies) of the team on their website.

Photo courtesy of Good Foot Delivery

Let’s extend our support to this wonderful community this holiday season and beyond. Here, check out their website for more info about the service.


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