Need an excuse to walk or bike around the city? Well, the Vancouver Biennale has you covered. The arts organization has a new self-guided walk or bike culture tour that’s running from now until October.

To take the tour, all you need to do is register on their website! From there, they give you everything you need to enjoy Vancouver’s amazing public culture.

And given it’s a self-guided tour, you can check out the stops at your own speed. Want to do them all in one day? Maybe you’d rather slow your roll a bit? The choice is yours!

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Each stop has an annotated explainer giving you all the deets you need to appreciate it. Whether it be a piece of art or a historical site. And, there are a few different self-guided tours you can pick from. So, once you’re registered, you can take as many as you want all year. Also, each one has a rough cycle and walk time so you can really plan your day of cultural enlightenment.

To participate, all you have to do is pay a one-time minimum donation of $5 (or $15 for families) and you can walk, cycle, and enjoy the beauty of our city’s public spaces.

Learn more about the tours by going Vancouver Biennale website right here. Is all that fun and information worth at least $5? We say of friggin course it is!

Now go out, hop on that bike or slip on some walking shoes and learn more about your wonderful city. We know we will be!