Three of Canada’s major cities are receiving global recognition. Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has just released its Global Liveability Index for 2023 and Canadian cities have claimed top spots on the list.

Every year, the EIU report analyzes and reveals the cities around the world with the best and the worst living conditions for its residents.

This year, the index has rated 173 cities based on five categories — stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education, and infrastructure.

Each of these categories has several subcategories too.

For example, the stability category includes factors like the prevalence of crime, the threat of terror, and the threat of civil unrest.

The culture and environment category includes temperature ratings, social or religious restrictions, and the availability of food, culture, and sports.

Infrastructure is based on indicators like telecommunications, public transit, water provision, good-quality housing, and road networks.

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Believe it or not, not a single U.S. city cracked the top 10 in the Global Liveability Index for 2023.

Canada has claimed three spots on the ranking. The first of them is Vancouver in 5th place with an index of 97.3.

Vancouver is followed closely by Calgary in 7th place with an index of 96.8 and trailed by Toronto in 9th place with an index of 96.5.

Calgary outperformed both Vancouver and Toronto in the infrastructure category, earning a perfect score of 100.0.

Toronto, however, managed to land a perfect score of 100.0 in the stability category.

Here are the top 10 most livable cities in 2023, according to the ranking:

1. Vienna, Austria
2. Copenhagen, Denmark
3. Melbourne, Australia
4. Sydney, Australia
5. Vancouver, Canada
6. Zurich, Switzerland
7. Calgary, Canada
7. Geneva, Switzerland
9. Toronto, Canada
10. Osaka, Japan
10. Auckland, New Zealand

EIU says its Liveability Index has risen significantly in the 2023 survey, meaning that cities are becoming more livable overall.

Canada is definitely doing something right when it comes to overall quality of life.