Yeah, you read that headline correctly. Turns out, downtown Edmonton is now home to 6 giant inflatable statues, which are inspired by an animated movie from the 70s. Geeze, this gets weirder and weirder the more we read about it, but we like it.

The large-scale installation is titled “Fantastic Planet”, and is an homage to a 1973 Czech/French film of the same name. The film tells the tale of a giant alien race, the Draags, who keep humans (Oms) as pets. Naturally, the statues represent the Draags.

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Which is why they are up to 12 metres tall and 13 metres long. The giant, illuminated statues depict these aliens (or whatever they are) gently exploring and lounging around in the area. Three of the six total are already up, and the others are currently getting installed.

So, we definitely suggest you head downtown to check out these nutty inflatable statues in Edmonton. They’ll only be around for a few weeks, so keep this in mind this weekend!

Fantastic Planet

When: On until April 12th
Where: Locations around downtown Edmonton