When it comes to chowing down on some yummy food, I like my serving sizes big! Did you know there is a selection of restaurants in Toronto that serve up some MASSIVE meals? From giant cups of coffee to pizza slices here are the spots in Toronto serving giant foods and drinks.

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Lamanna’s Bakery 


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Indulging in a pizza slice bigger than your head can be a reality at Lamanna’s Bakery! This spot is located in Scarborough, where you can order a gigantic “Big Slice” for $38. Worth every penny if you ask me.

Where: Lamanna’s Bakery, 6758 Kingston Rd
Cost: $38+

Little Pebbles


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Giant is the only size I want when ordering a croissant, and you can do so at Little Pebbles. Head to the heart of Kensington Market if you want to try out the giant croissant which comes in multiple flavours including butter, pain au, almond and pistachio.

Where: Little Pebbles, 160 Baldwin St
Cost: $25

The Rolling Pin

This bakery offers a donut the way all donuts should be served – giant. This 10″ donut is dipped in house-made glaze, filled with a cake batter whipped cream with extra sprinkles and topped with birthday cake crumbs. Yum!

Where: The Rolling Pin, 1970 Avenue Rd
Cost: $60


Chandelier serves a XXL cup of coffee – the perfect way to wake up! You can order this giant cup of joe for yourself, but I wouldn’t recommend all that caffeine for one person so maybe invite some friends.

Where: Chandelier, 1993 Yonge St
Cost: $25

La Palma


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100-layer lasagna? Count me in. La Pama has every Italian food lover’s dream on its menu. This dish is large but simple with pork + beef bolognese and mozzarella.

Where: La Plama,  849 Dundas St W
Cost: $28


While Subway footlongs may seen normal-sized, there is a new footlong item on the menu that some would consider pretty big! Subway recently introduced a footlong cookie and I’m excited about it!

Where: Subway Canada locations
Cost: $6

Your eyes may be bigger than your stomach if you order any of these giant foods and drinks, Toronto!