Leave Iceland on your bucket list, but make way for one more (much closer) destination where the water is hot and relaxation is inevitable. As confirmed in a Tuesday press release, a preliminary agreement has been reached between KYOTHERM and geoLAGOON, the company behind what could be the world’s largest solar-powered geothermal lagoon.

As we previously reported, this Canadian oasis has been in the works for some time and will be something to gawk over if and when it finally opens in the future.

Inspired by the pools of Grindavík, this 130,000 square-foot geothermal excursion will be built about 45 minutes from Quebec City and remain at a steady 38ºC all year round.

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Photo via geoLAGON

In addition to the open-air pools themselves, Canada’s Nordic-style spa will also have a reception pavilion, restaurants, and waterfront cottages – all of which will run off of self-sufficient energy described as a “showcase for geothermal and solar energy use.”

From panels and biomass energy to hydropower, the goal is to produce more energy than it actually consumes – which sounds unreal but is totally possible – according to the company behind the attraction.

Now, they’re one step closer to making it a reality – with clean investment company, KYOTHERM, announcing that it will finance, build and help operate the heat production and distribution facilities of the geoLAGOON tourist villages.

Photo via geoLAGON

“We are very pleased to contribute to the development of this Canadian innovation, which stands out due to its 100% reliance on a mix of complementary renewable energy for its thermal needs,” Kyotherm President, Arnaud Susplugas, said in the release.

“Once the detailed technical studies and project development are completed, we will initiate the construction of the energy infrastructure that we will finance, including the tunnels and networks that will allow the exchange of energy with the homes in the hotel village.”

Photo via geoLAGON

Split 4 ways, KYOTHERM has pledged $140 million for each village, with each receiving $35 million.

“KYOTHERM’s contribution is very strong support for us, which strengthens our position. Knowing the great expertise of KYOTHERM, I now know that the ecosystem that I designed for our geoLAGON will materialize to finally create the very first carbon-neutral village and self-sufficient in natural energy in the world according to a unique and infinite exchange model,” said Louis Massicotte, designer and owner of the geoLAGOON villages.

Our goal remains to formalize the start of the construction of a first village before June 21, 2023.”

Honestly, it sounds (and LOOKS) incredible, so we’ll be on the edge of our seats waiting for this one.

in the meantime, why not soak in one of Canada’s other toasty spots? You’re looking a little tense and the weather certainly hasn’t helped.

Enjoy and happy chilling.