The turquoise waters of Lake Louise will soon be rivalled by a brand new destination in Quebec. A massive private investment has been made into building a 120,000 square foot geothermal lagoon inspired by the famous Blue Lagoon in Iceland.

The site will be called geoLAGON and will be kept at 38°C all year round through a renewable energy ecosystem, says a press release published earlier this week.

The lagoon will be built in Petite-Rivière-Saint-François near the newly-opened Club Med resort in Charlevoix, located minutes from the shops, restaurants, and galleries of Baie Saint-Paul.

A reception pavilion will also be built at the site, as well as restaurants and a spa.


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It will be the largest geothermal lagoon in the world, according to the press release, even bigger than the lagoon in Iceland and more than seven times the size of an NHL ice rink.

The lagoon will be surrounded by a village of 150 Airbnb-style rental chalets with 300 separate accommodations in total, connected by sun-shaped roundabouts.

The chalets are described as “urban high-tech,” and will run on solar and geothermal energy, which guests can book 365 days a year.


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The Lagoon Village is inspired by the Italian municipality of Palmanova and the Brøndby Haveby in Denmark, so it seems likely that it will be super picturesque.

Plus, you’ll be treated to quite the view from your accommodations as every chalet comes with a private terrace facing the lagoon.

Construction work for the geoLAGON and Lagoon Village will begin in winter 2023.

We can’t wait to see this incredible new destination come to life!