Seattleites are blessed too have such an amazing array of different parks. From dense nature in the middle of the city to small patches of greenery on random corners, our parks are part of what makes Seattle itself. And now, the iconic Seattle Freeway Park just became an official landmark.

If you don’t recognize the name, you’ll recognize the look. It’s the park located on Seneca Street that’s full of concrete blocks of varying sizes as well as a water feature. You’ve probably seen people photographing the architecture or even using them for activities like parkour.

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The park was originally built to cap the freeway that runs underneath it and provide a safe and also aesthetically pleasing walkway for people needing to cross the area. Designed by landscape architect Lawrence Halprin, the park has kept the area from looking like a ditch since 1976. During that time it’s become a beloved and iconic site in the neighborhood which is why its landmark designation is so well deserved.

On Wednesday May 18th, the the Landmarks Preservation Board unanimously approved the park’s nomination as a city landmark. Like other local landmarks, the park was subject to a four-step designation process. So if you’ve been meaning to check out a new park go show Freeway Park some love. Enjoy!