Between music festivals and fairs, this summer is definitely going to be one of the best in the past few years. If you’ve been looking forward to the return of classic summer time traditions, you’re going to want to see all of your options this year. Here are 5 fairs that you’ll be able to attend this summer in Washington.

Northwest Folklife

First up and just around the corner is Northwest Folklife. While fair may be a debatable term for this festival, it certainly has some similar elements. You’ll be able to enjoy all of it’s free spirited, hippy dippy goodness with food, live music, performance and more.

When: May 27th-30th
Where: Seattle Center
Cost: Free

Fremont Fair

Of course the center of the universe has its own fair. The Fremont Fair is a unique experience that every Seattleite should have. It shares some similarities to Folklife in energy but you can expect to see plenty of color, art, music and of course the iconic solstice parade.

When: June 18th & 19th
Where: Fremont
Cost: Free

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Seafair Weekend

Seattle’s ultimate water loving celebration is back this year with hydroplanes, the Blue Angels, log boom, parade and more. It’s time to plan ahead and find a friend with a boat or rent your own so that you can enjoy all of the entertainment from the water.

When: August 5th-7th
Where: Around Seattle
Cost: Free

Evergreen State Fair

The Evergreen State Fair is another classic fair experience. It’s not quite as big as the Washington State Fair but definitely worth attending if you love the end of summer carnival experiences. Expect rides, fair food, entertainment and more!

When: August 25th-30th & September 1st-5th
Where: 14405 179th Avenue SE, Monroe, WA
Cost: TBA

Washington State Fair

The Washington State Fair or Puyallup Fair for real Washingtonians is probably the biggest fair of the year. It’s your classic American state fair experience with plenty of farm animals, rides, live performance and of course fair food.

When: September 2nd-25th
Where: 110 9th Ave SW
Cost: $12+

Before you know it fair days will be upon us. Enjoy!