Whether you’re scared of getting coverage or running out of space on your data plan, a little free Wi-Fi has always been a welcome relief. Maybe that’s why we’re surprised to hear that BC Ferries is adding free Wi-Fi to 14 new terminals around the province. After all, we kind of thought it would have happened by now.

As it stands, 7 larger terminals in BC already have free Wi-Fi, including all the major routes in and out of the Lower Mainland/the North Shore. Some of these got access way back in 2010, but budget issues have prevented more names from joining. Well, until now, thanks to a $1.5M grant from the provincial government.

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The new terminals getting free Wi-Fi are:

  • Denman Island
  • Buckley Bay
  • Heriot Bay
  • Whaletown
  • Descanso Bay
  • Alert Bay
  • Vesuvius Bay
  • Sturdies Bay
  • Bella Bella
  • Port Hardy
  • Long Harbour
  • Otter Bay
  • Lyall Harbour
  • Nanaimo Harbour

The list includes some spots easily accessible from Vancouver Island (Nanaimo Harbour, Descanso Bay, etc…) plus some more destination-related spots, like Port Hardy, which is a launching point for most northern coastal destinations.

Now, a total of 21 out of 47 terminals will have free Wi-Fi access, making things easier for travellers and commuters alike starting this fall. BC Ferries hopes to have all the new terminals covered by the end of October, and we’re crossing our fingers!