Despite being surrounded by rolling hills, cattle, and people who consider the cowboy hat everyday attire, many Albertans still aren’t tired of the wild-west aesthetic. In fact, we’d be willing to bet that some of you still get pretty giddy at the sight of an old-timey saloon.

If this sounds like you, dust off your boots – because a trip to Fort Williamson Montana is in order!

Located about 5 hours from Calgary’s city center, this tiny resort has 5 themed cabins and is totally worth the drive if you’ve got a thing for fun decor and towering trees.

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From the Sheriff’s office where guests can sleep in a jail cell, to the trading post (with a hot tub), this adorable little spot is truly one of a kind.

Each cabin has everything you’ll need for a comfortable vacation including running water, a cozy bed, and your own kitchenette – plus there’s a ton to do and see within a reasonable driving distance.

From hiking trails and waterfalls, you’ll find beautiful scenery and the freshest air at Glacier National Park.

For more information, or to book a cabin for you and your friends or family, check out their website below – but hurry!

With summer 2022 hot on our heels, this place is bound to fill up sooner rather than later, so check it out!


Where: 7620 Hwy 2 East, Columbia Falls, MT