The final season of Kim’s Convenience dropping on Netflix this week, and with it some scalding hot tea from one of the show’s stars. As folks prepare to say goodbye to the Toronto-made series, Simu Liu is pulling back the curtains on some less than enjoyable experiences he had on set. Yikes. In a Facebook post created on Wednesday, he held nothing back.

So, let’s start with a little disclaimer. Simu Liu made it very clear in his post that overall, Kim’s Convenience was a positive experience. He thanked the fans, he shouted out the “PHENOMENAL” day-to-day crew, and he praised his fellow castmates. With that said, he still had a bit of dirty laundry to air out.

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You can read the full post above, but here are the highlights. Liu addresses the speculation surrounding the sudden ending of the series, saying that it could not have been saved, because it was not cancelled in a traditional manner. The ending of the show was the decision of producers after two showrunners decided to leave. Liu says he wanted to be a part of a sixth season, but now would “adamantly refuse to reprise [his] role in any capacity,” if producers were to ask.

Liu also addresses the fact that production decided to create a spin-off series, writing “I love and am proud of Nicole, and I want the show to succeed for her… but I remain resentful of all of the circumstances that led to the one non-Asian character getting her own show.”


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On a similar note, Liu details feelings of frustration surrounding the development of his character. He thought he should have had more creative input and states that he “remain[s] fixated on the missed opportunities to show Asian characters with real depth and the ability to grow and evolve.”

In fact, Liu discusses the notable lack of East Asian and female representation in the writer’s room. He calls out the one Korean writer, Ins Choi, stating, “I do not think he did enough to be a champion for those voices (including ours). When he left (without so much as a goodbye note to the cast), he left no protege, no padawan learner, no Korean talent that could have replaced him.”

Liu also highlights in-fighting and a “horsepoop” pay rate in his tell-all post. Oof. It’s quite the eye-opening read.

As for what’s next for the actor? You can catch him in an upcoming Marvel flick, playing the titular character in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. The film is set to be released in Canada this September 2021.