So, this happened recently— we were about to dig into a popular Indian delicacy and realized we are at a loss for what wine to pair our dish with. Clearly, the usual “light with lean meats, dark with dark meat and sparkling with desserts” rule didn’t apply. Luckily, Wine Rack is our go-to for all Wine 101 including food and wine pairings, because obviously, we needed expert advice on the matter. 

So, we sought help from the folks at Wine Rack, ‘cause who better than the absolute pros, eh?

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They already give us all the wine info and inspo we need. From helping us get our hands on the best wines from across Ontario, to ensuring our wine adventures are absolute delights. And now they even gave us these unconventional yet insane food and wine pairings for a multicultural feast to satisfy your cravings all season long.

Indian Chicken Biriyani with Sauvignon Blanc

food and wine pairings chicken biryani
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This spice-loaded rice dish is what started this whole thing. And its flavourful profile paired with Sauvignon Blanc made it totally worth the effort. An aromatic white like this Sauvignon Blanc complements the rich Indian spices and flavours to balance out the dish.

Thai Drunken Noodles with Late Autumn Riesling

food and wine pairings drunken noodles
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This sweeter wine is a natural complement to hot and spicy dishes like Drunken Noodles. The wine has an unctuous, honeyed mouthfeel that cools the burn of chile-infused sauces and has a refreshing acidity that will make this hot dish feel lighter.

Mexican Birria Tacos with Saintly The Good Rosé

food and wine pairings birria tacos
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Given that tacos (especially Birria tacos) are an all-time fave, we needed this Mexican beaut on the list. Turns out, it goes well with our all-time fave wine, aka rosé. The acid and tart berry notes in this rosé compliment the spices and seasoning in the tacos without overpowering the flavours.

Japanese Tonkatsu (Pork Cutlets) with Pinot Noir

food and wine pairings katsu
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We know that Pinot Noir is quite a versatile wine and pairs well with a variety of foods. And Tonkatsu is no different. The velvety acidic nature of Pinot Noir heightens the subtle pork flavours. Result: the flavours are more pronounced and delicious. With low to medium amounts of tannins, this Pinot Noir doesn’t overpower the tender flavours.

BBQ Grilled Marinated Ribeyes with Merlot

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Here’s one for the BBQ nights (or days). Ribeyes are among the juiciest and fattiest cuts of steak. So, they require full-bodied red wines like this Merlot. The bigger tannins in this classic red balance out the protein. Clearly, some rules are meant to stay unbroken.

Here’s to the bold (and currently drooling) palates!