We’ve always wanted to say “follow the pink flamingo” when giving directions. It’s mysterious, it’s jazzy, and it involves a flamingo. Our time has come, because The Standard is hidden inside a pizza shop, and you’re going to have to *ahem* follow the pink flamingo to get there!

First of all, what’s in a name? “The standard” has long been used as a term to define the ideal of sorts. This bar wants to set the standard, so they’re giving each cocktail their all. In the end, it’s an experience you’ll want to come back to over and over again.

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The venue is meant to be a bit of a 1920s prohibition throwback, and the cocktail menu follows suit. Everything here is about the classics- the tried and true mainstays and the most timeless choices.

To get there, head to Parkdale Pizza and (again!) follow the pink flamingo. You’ll head through a graffiti tunnel right into the speakeasy of your dreams. Shall we?


Where: 1316 Queen St W