The Amtrak Cascades train might be delayed but that’s not the only way to visit our neighbors up north. In fact, there’s an affordable bus service that you might not know about. It’s called FlixBus and it can get you to Vancouver for the cost of lunch.

FlixBus is a new bus service offerings trips across the United States and also up into Vancouver. If that sounds a lot like Greyhound it’s because FlixBus actually acquired the transit company back in October of 2021. Not only that but they’re Europe’s largest long-distance bus network and that means they know what they’re doing.

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Buses run daily with Vancouver-bound trips departing at 7:30 am. It’s just over a 4-hour trip so you can expect to arrive in beautiful BC around noon and enjoy a full day. Best of all, prices for a one-way ticket start at $11.99. That being said, most ticket prices on the website right now are $17.99, which is still a great deal.

Tickets can be purchased at the FlixBus website and if you’ve been meaning to visit Vancouver, now you have one more reason to. With that, enjoy and happy travels!