There are two things we know for sure about the upcoming matchup between the Oilers and the Flames- the games are going to be wild, and tickets are going to cost and arm and a leg. We looked into the current prices for the first few games in both cities, and now we have to decide if we want to sell our car to get them.

The games kick off in Calgary, with the Flames hosting the Oilers on Wednesday, 18th and Friday, May 20th. Tickets for the Wednesday game are starting around $260 a pop, while Friday is more like $360. These are for press-level seats mind you, which are usually more like $40 during the season.

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We thought it might be cheaper to attend one of the opening games in Edmonton, but boy were we wrong. If you’re trying to attend Game 3 on Sunday, then you’re looking at around $540 per ticket. Tuesday’s game is a little less expensive, but tickets are still going for around $500. These are for two tickets, mind you – if you’re going alone, you might get a little bit better of a deal.

Thanks to the proximity of the two cities, we could honestly suggest Edmonton fans make a trip to Calgary this week and save a little bit of cash. On the flipside, Flames fans will get treated to a much nicer (but less iconic) arena by hitting up Rogers Place. It’s a toss up!

One thing that isn’t though? The upcoming Oilers Vs. Flames playoff games are going to go down in hockey history, and tickets will be an easy sell for fans. But, if you’re looking to save a few (hundred) bucks, then make sure to check out all the places you should watch the games in both Calgary and Edmonton.