Holy mackerel! Following the Edmonton Oilers beating the Kings on Saturday, and the Calgary Flames closing out the series against Dallas Stars, the first playoffs Battle of Alberta in over 30 years is about to go down. Yeah, it’s a big deal.

The last time it happened? Way back in 1991, when the Oilers managed to best the Flames following a full 7 game series that almost saw the Flames get a come from behind victory. Prior to the 1991 series, the two teams actually faced off quite a few times in the 80s. The Oilers took the series in 1983, 1984, and 1988. The Flames, meanwhile, won the 1986 series.

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Of course, times have changed. The Oilers have a wunderkind in McDavid, and the Flames’ depth of talent led them to the top spot in the Pacific division. Honestly, the other thing we can say with confidence is that each and every game will be off the charts. This is decades in the making, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Naturally, ticket prices are going to be off the charts too. Congratulations to all the people that get to attend the games, first off. But, if you (like us), don’t think the budget can fit seeing things in person, then we’ve got some incredible places in both Calgary and Edmonton to watch the games with your pals.

However you choose to enjoy, we can’t believe we get to say that a playoffs Battle of Alberta between the Flames and the Oilers is about to go down.