A few weeks back, the Rosewood Hotel Georgia became the only Canadian spot to land on a roundup of the best hotels in the world. And now, the Fairmont Pacific Rim was ranked one of the most beautiful hotels in North America. What can we say? Vancouver definitely has got a great hotel scene.

According to the website money.co.uk, the Fairmont Pacific Rim is the only Canadian hotel to be amongst the most beautiful in North America. But, the metric they used was a little bit different- they went off of location tags on Instagram. A roundup for the modern age? You bet your bottom dollar!

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Apparently, the ‘Insta-worthiness’ of a hotel was a good marker of beauty, so they rounded up the spots around the world with the most hashtags. And, what do you know, the Fairmont Pacific Rim has got a 15,772 at the time of writing, landing it in the 16th spot on the North American list.

Of course, that number pales in comparison to the top spot worldwide- the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah in Dubai. With over 2.4 million hashtags associated with it, the Burj Al Arab beats the next closest spot by over 2,000,000. Yes, the difference there is real.

Still, we’re happy to see Vancouver get some love on the list of the most beautiful hotels in North America. You’ve got serious options for your next staycation, folks.