There’s no doubt that Vancouver has got one of the best hotel scenes in Canada, with a number of them often making ‘best of’ lists year after year. However, the Rosewood Hotel Georgia was recently elected to Conde Nast Traveler’s prestigious ‘Gold List’. What’s more, it’s the only hotel in Canada to get the nod! Here’s the scoop.

Published annually, the CN Traveler Gold List is basically their list of the best hotels in the world, from destination resorts to city-centre spots. So, whether you’re opting for a weekend trip to Las Vegas, or planning a cross-world retreat to The Maldives, the list is basically a who’s-who of where to stay (if you’ve got the cash).

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It’s no easy feat to make the Gold List, which is why the Rosewood Hotel Georgia was so pumped to get on there. In the write-up, the Rosewood was singled out for its incredible range of celebs who stayed there (from Katherine Hepburn and Elvis Presley long ago, to Jennifer Lopez just this year).

This is actually the second time ever that the Rosewood has made the Gold List, the first time being back in 2018. Either way, we’re happy to see Vancouver become the only city in Canada to have a hotel on there. Staycation, anyone?