Have you always wished to be a connoisseur of something? Practice might make perfect, but there’s something to be said for dedicated study. What else would you call a weekend spent exploring the richly historical beer and bourbon culture of the Cincy Region? Clearly, our interest is only academic. Obviously.

If you’re travelling to Cincinnati, then we suggest having your favourite hangover cure at the ready. You might be surprised to learn that the Cincy Region is one of the leading destinations for beer and bourbon connoisseurs in the world. Count yourself amongst that number because you can experience world-class options that will take you from the origin story to the modern-day craft within a single weekend. 

It’s a new you. Someone who enjoys the finer things. Someone who tells their friends and coworkers that they spent their weekend at the gateway of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and came back a changed person.

We don’t know who you’re trying to convince, but if you’re still reading, here are the unmissable experiences to try when you’re visiting the ultimate beer and bourbon capital.

Northern Kentucky’s Bourbon Tour
Photo via Visit Cincy

Take the B-line

If you’re more of a ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ type, then you can take a ride on The B-line and explore the bourbon scene at your own pace. The B-Line is a self-guided tour that spans 25 ‘stops’ ranging from craft distilleries to luxe bourbon bars. Indulge your rebellious side at the Prohibition Bourbon Bar, famous for having one of the largest collections of bourbon and rye in the world. There’s also Revival Vintage Spirits and Bottle Shop, where you can taste rare and vintage spirits for a truly unique experience. 

Bars need to have a selection of at least 100 different bourbons to be featured on the B-line, while restaurants need to have a minimum of 50.  Plus, all distilleries are also on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour. You can get your Line Guide online or ask for a printed copy at one of the stops. Your B-line passport is also eligible for swag prizes as you collect stamps along the way.

Northern Kentucky’s Bourbon Tour
Photo via Visit Cincy

Try a beer tour

Okay, okay, maybe you’re only coming for a weekend, and your liver can’t tolerate 25+ different bourbon-centric stops. We understand. Luckily, Cincy is also known for being one of the world’s beer capitals, so you can always opt for a relaxing beer tour instead!

There are several brewing heritage tours and tour companies to choose from. If you like baseball, you can follow the trail of the Red’s game spots with the Ballparks and Breweries Bus Tour. If you’re a history buff, you can also try the Built On Beer brewery architecture tour that will take you to the ruins of old beer empires and through their subterranean cellars. Or the Ultimate Queen City Underground Tour, which descends beneath city streets into forgotten brewing tunnels.

Northern Kentucky’s Bourbon Tour
Photo via Cincy Region

Learn about a boozy history

The Cincy Region is both a gateway tothe Kentucky Bourbon Trail and dubbed a hotspot for beer and bourbon, thanks to its sizable German-American population fighting the good fight all those years ago. In fact, by the mid-19th century, the Cincy Region was producing a third of America’s beer and boasting over 35 breweries and beer gardens, and now over 50! 

Before the advent of refrigeration, massive tunnels were built underneath the Cincy Region to make and store beer. When Prohibition killed the brewing industry, some were transformed into nightclubs to host secret speakeasies — and then forgotten. Today, you can explore these rediscovered old tunnels and go 30 feet underground to tour the relics of history and enjoy a pint afterwards at one of the many breweries nearby.

Are you prepared to have the most interesting anecdotes at the office water cooler on Monday? Then it’s time to head to Cincy!

Pack your bags, draw straws to pick your designated driver, and get ready for the best weekend getaway you probably won’t remember.