One of the best parts of the temperature dropping? That’s it, the return of our city’s many great ice skating options! And, the Victoria Park IceWay is the best of the best, offering a beautiful activity in the Edmonton River Valley. Here’s the scoop!

You can take a few laps around the oval, or explore the IceWay, which winds through the trees of Victoria Park. Not only that, but the IceWay is lit up in the evenings, making it the perfect spot for either an afternoon or evening skate!

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But of course, the best part about skating at Victoria Park is that it’s free! The Victoria Park IceWay officially opened over the weekend, and will be operating under ‘early conditions’ for the next little while the cold settles in. Know what that means? You’ll be out there living it up before Christmas really kicks off!

And of course, you’ll be heading back there in no time (we think we’ll be doing the same). For more info on skating at Victoria Park, just click here!