It was a sad day for the province when one of Alberta’s racetracks shut its doors forever….a decade ago. And you really did not have to be a racer or even a motorsports enthusiast to feel the loss. Now, the province is buzzing with palpable excitement around the soon-to-open Rocky Mountain Motorsports. 

rocky mountain motorsports track

The racetrack, which is located at the Carstairs overpass on the QE II highway (about an hour’s drive from downtown Calgary and 1.5 hours from Edmonton), is one Albertans have been waiting for with bated breath. 

Ahead of its official opening in the Spring of 2022, we thought we’d give you all the details on this much-awaited motorsports arena.

rocky mountain motorsports track

CAUTION: These facts will make the wait even harder.

  1.     The $35 million 3.5 km-long circuit boasts 36 metres of elevation change over a lap through 16 turns and 19 turns with the optional chicane.
  2.    The circuit is designed by Herman Tilke who has designed such iconic tracks such as the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi, and the       Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas.
  3.    The tire barriers on the racetrack have used 14,000 tires that have been donated by Continental Tire as part of their sponsorship agreement.
  4.   RMM’s world-class track layout will be accompanied by several track-related facilities including a commercial section, paddock area, and a member garage/car condo development.
  5.   Of its many amenities, RMM will be home to high-performance driving schools to provide instruction for new and seasoned drivers, alike. 
  6.   From exotic hypercars to motorcycles and everything in between, a range of vehicles will be found exploring their full capabilities at the RMM circuit.
  7.    The track will be home to winter driving training and cold weather testing during the winter off-season
  8.    The circuit is so designed that it caters to drivers and riders of all ages and skill levels. RMM is a destination that will sustain your passion and fulfill your need for speed.
  9.    For the dedicated enthusiast, only membership will suffice. Starting at $40,000 these are transferable lifetime memberships that include exclusive access and privileges. Limited in availability, over a third of its available spots, have already been sold, so if you’re in the need for speed, look no further. 
  10.    Straying off the beaten path, when it’s not being used for high-performance driving, RMM is looking to make the circuit available to walking and running events, bicycle racing, training, and even leisurely community rides.
  11.    Rocky Mountain Motorsports is not just touted to put Alberta on Western Canada’s motorsports map but is also slated to be the next big thing for Alberta’s tourism industry
  12.    While half the time will be reserved for members only, others can access the track for the remaining half by way of performance driving schools, car clubs, track days, dealership test drives, and several motorsport-related events.
rocky mountain motorsports track

Told you, this wouldn’t make your wait any easier. On a scale of ‘Eh, I’m okay’ to ‘Rocking on the edge of the seat with bitten nails’- how excited are you now?! We’ll catch ya there in 2022!