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Guide: 7 new restaurants to check out this summer

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It was an exciting time for news restaurants in Edmonton this spring, with quite a few popping up around the city. From sandwiches to Filipino food and even a ‘toast bar’, you’ve got options for your next meal.

Here are 7 new restaurants in Edmonton that are worth checking out.

Say Uncle


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A new venture from the guys behind Northern Chicken, this lunch joint is great for a hearty sandwich. Whether you’re trying out some roast beef or going for broke with the Say Uncle burger, you’ll leave happy.

Where: 10184 104 Street NW



The sister restaurant to the acclaimed (and very popular) Rosso Pizzeria. Bianco has a full menu available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A couple of standouts for us include the sweet potato gnocchi and the soppressata eggs benedict.

Where: #120, 10020 101 A Avenue

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Tiffin Fresh Kitchen


Billed as an Indian fast-casual restaurant, Tiffin is perfect for those craving a healthy yet flavourful lunch. This is their second location in the city, and they’ve chosen Jasper Ave to set up shop.

Where: 10404 Jasper Avenue



Having started out as a food trailer, then a spot at U of A, Filistix has finally opened a location downtown. Finally, we can get some incredible Filipino food without having to mingle with a bunch of university students.

Where: 10621 100 Avenue



Awe yeah, another sandwich spot to check out. MilkCrate seems to be a little more refined than Say Uncle, but their menu is every bit as delicious. Try out a pizza sub for maximum enjoyment.

Where: EPCOR Tower

Toast Culture

toast culture

What’s that? You’ve never been to an upscale toast restaurant? Boy oh boy, have you goofed. Seriously though, the menu here looks pretty darn tasty. Once you get over the idea that you’re dropping $10 on toast, that is. Dang millennials!

Where: 11965 Jasper Avenue NW

Odd Company Brewing

odd company

This brewery serves pickles, chips and grilled cheese sandwiches so we’re throwing them in there. Odd Company is a microbrewery focused on experimentation, which means that there will be a constantly rotating selection for you to try out. Beer’s food too, right?

Where: #105, 12021 102 Avenue

Heck yeah! We’re stoked about all these new restaurants to check out this summer. Maybe we will take a day off of work and do a tour of them all. Maybe we’ll charge it to the company card too, citing ‘market research’.

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