Hawrelak Park’s magical ice castle set to return to Edmonton this winter

Photo via @prevailz Instagram

Have you not been able to check out the magical ice castle in Edmonton these past few years? Well, guess what, they’re coming back for the fifth year this winter! Looks like you’ll get your chance after all.

The company behind Hawrelak Park’s transformation into a winter wonderland made the announcement earlier this week. We were actually the first Canadian city to be included in the Ice Castle’s city lineup. Then, we were the first city to have it multiple years in a row!

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Fun fact- the entire castle is constructed by hand. First, hundreds of thousands of icicles are grouped together and frozen. Then, tunnels and other area are carved out. Finally, lights and other final touches are added.

The finished product is truly a sight to behold. It would definitely be more appropriate as some ice wizard’s lair in the arctic. But, we get to experience it right here at home instead!

Now that’s a cool treat.

Edmonton Ice Castle

Where: Hawrelak Park
When: More info will be released later this fall

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