Easter weekend is always a nice time… even if it’s only because you’ve got an extra day off and a seriously good excuse to eat some delicious stuff. Well, we’re hoping to make things even sweeter this year, with a round up of some of the best Easter treats to try around Vancouver. From full feasts to baked goods to, of course, chocolates, we’ve got you covered!

Here are some of the best Easter treats to try out in Vancouver this year.



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Buttermere Patisserie

What if the Kinder Egg was operating at the top of its game? It’d probably look something like what Buttermere’s doing this year, with stunning chocolate eggs that are almost too beautiful to crack open. Of course, we’re going to have to on Easter morning…

Where: 636 Main Street

Thomas Haas

For a more classic Easter chocolate experience, it’s hard to pass up Thomas Haas’ offerings. From Easter chicks to a wide variety of classic chocolate eggs, they’ll have the purists out there coming back for more.

Where: 2539 W Broadway Street

East Van Roasters

In the same vein as Thomas Haas, this specialty coffee roaster and chocolate maker is keeping things classic. That said, it’ll be as hard to pick ones to try and it is easy to decide to check them out! It’s a good problem to have, we think.

Where: 319 Carrall Street

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Brunch Treats


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The Bench Bakehouse

Hot cross bun lovers, unite! The Bench Bakehouse is offering these delicious treats alongside some DIY Easter cookies this year, which are sure to spice up any weekend brunch.

Where: 1641 Commercial Drive

Beaucoup Bakery

Beaucoup is offering a wide range of Easter treats for Vancouver, including hot cross buns and even a little chocolate! But, our top pick is definitely their ‘Surprise Cookie Box’ containing three different options for you to dive into.

Where: 2150 Fir Street


Beta5 has got some of the best chocolate in the city, that’s no secret. But this year, they’re also doing an ‘Easter Cream Puff Pack’ that is sure to have anybody loving their life when they bite into them.

Where: 413 Industrial Avenue

Other Options


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Ladurée Vancouver

They could have done just macarons and we’d be happy, but they took it one step further! This year, you can enjoy an Easter-themed pistachio cake, topped with a macaron(s), in both individual and share sizes.

Where: 1141 Robson Street

Popina Canteen

Maybe this is the year you pop-in to Popina! However, we’re hoping for a sunny day to try out their Easter-themed Mini Egg cream puff ice cream cone. But, if that comes around? Hoo boy, you better watch out!

Where: 1691 Johnston Street

The Pie Hole

Without a doubt, the Pie Hole’s Mini Egg pie has become one of the most iconic treats you can get for the holiday. If you haven’t already tried it, maybe this is the year to do so!

Where: 1864 West 4th Avenue

Grounds For Coffee

Similar to The Pie Hole, the Easter-themed rainbow cinnamon rolls from Grounds for Coffee manage to sell out every year, no matter how many are made. After all, it’s one of the best cinnamon buns in the city, and it looks oh-so-cute!

Where: 2565 Alma Street


Last but certainly not least, we’ve got Faubourg! For this year, the bakery is turning its attention towards delicious desserts. They’ve got a chocolate nest cake available if you want to share, but there are also some individual-sized options to check out as well.

Where: 769 Hornby Street and 2156 W 41st Avenue

Those are our picks for the best Easter treats to get in Vancouver this year! We hope it sweetens up the weekend for you!