Did you feel that? If you happen to live in the Golden Horseshoe area, then you were most likely surprised by some rumbling early this morning. Yup, a 4.2 magnitude earthquake shook Buffalo, New York on Monday morning and it was enough for residents in the St Catherine’s/Niagara region to feel it.

According to Earthquakes Canada, at around 6:15 AM, a “seismic event” was automatically detected in Buffalo, New York – just south of Niagara Falls. The quake was reported as a 4.2 magnitude earthquake per the tweet issued by Earthquake Canada.

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It hit the U.S. region strong enough that it was “lightly felt in southern Ontario,” according to the earthquake details. “There are no reports of damage, and none would be expected.”

“For those in southern Ontario that just woke up to a loud bang or shaking, yep, earthquake near Buffalo,” shared The Weather Network’s StormHunter Mark Robinson in a tweet.

However, the U.S. Geological Survey Earthquake tweeted that the rumble was reported as a 3.8 magnitude quake, about 2 km east northeast of West Seneca, New York.

Though there’s nothing to worry about, this isn’t something you hear about every day around here.