He may be a chart-topping artist, a father, and an entrepreneur, but clearly, Drake is never too busy to give his home province a helping hand. The artist just secured better internet connectivity for residents of Pickering, Ontario.

The eastern GTA city is where Drake’s regular producer Boi1da lives and works, and it also happens to be the city where Shawn Mendes was born and raised.

Back in 2019, the artist called on Pickering Mayor David Ryan to “set up some stronger wifi towers” so Boi1da could send him his newest beats.

Boi1da also weighed in, saying that residents in the North of Durham area have been dealing with poor internet connectivity for over 10 years with no resolution.

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The City of Pickering responded to the star’s message in an Instagram post filled with Drake lyrics and references.

The post said that the city was working on “expanding and strengthening Pickering’s broadband network so there will be fast and reliable internet service,” and that even Norm Kelly had reached out to see if he could help.

Now, it seems that all of the efforts have finally paid off. The City of Pickering has announced that all-fibre broadband access will be provided to approximately 21,000 additional locations in the city over the next three years.

Drake shared a photo of the post to his own Instagram story, which features a photo of Mayor David Ryan posing next to Boi1da with a photo of Drake’s 2013 album cover on the wall.


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As a result of their efforts, the Grammy award-winning producer can now send beats to Drake and other major artists right from his home studio in north Pickering.

Hey Drake, can you use your star power to make our cellphone plans cheaper? Please and thanks!