If you’re brave enough to venture out into the chaos of Toronto’s snow storm today, you may spot a familiar face giving residents a helping hand. Looks like Doug Ford has taken to the streets to help folks stuck in the snow, which could amount to nearly 50 cm in Toronto and up to 60 cm in parts of the GTA by the end of today.

“I’m just picking people up, checking on people […] just making sure people are safe in their cars and anything I can do to help them,” Ford said in a FaceTime interview with CP24.

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doug ford
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“I’ve dropped off a few people at their homes,” he added. “Everyone’s doing it, I’m no different.”

One of the premier’s passengers posted a video from his car. “I’m the taxi driver today, the snowplow, everything else,” Ford said in the video, which was shared by Brian Lilley.

Despite his good intentions, a few people on Twitter have pointed out that his FaceTime call behind the wheel was an example of distracted driving.

Those who are out and about today best keep their eyes on the road. Conditions are so treacherous that Toronto police have issued a statement asking the public to stay home.

Major highways like the Gardiner and DVP have shut down temporarily as the blizzard continues to wreak havoc on the roads. OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt said earlier today that Highway 401 is practically deserted aside from cars stuck in ditches and snowbanks.

If you’re one of the many motorists who gets stranded in a snowbank today, have no fear — it’s DoFo to the rescue…?