What started off as the city’s first major blizzard of the season is quickly becoming the biggest in recent history. Conditions have gone from bad to worse in just the past few hours, with collisions being reported everywhere and highways shutting down as a result of Toronto’s snow storm.

Toronto police announced that all ramps to the Gardiner Expressway and Don Valley Parkway (DVP) are temporarily closing because of the extreme weather, along with a warning to the public to stay off the roadways.

The move is definitely not an over-reaction. Photos being shared on social media show traffic at a total standstill as the heavily falling snow makes it practically impossible to go anywhere.

Sgt Kerry Schmidt of the OPP’s Highway Safety Division said that Highway 401 is in pretty bad shape.

“We’ve got cars in the ditch, cars in the snowbanks,” he said. “The only traffic I see is vehicles that are stuck.”

The conditions in the city aren’t much better, with backed-up streetcars and several collisions blocking the roads.

Over a foot of snow has fallen so far and according to weather warnings, we’ve still got more to go. Environment Canada’s Toronto weather advisory says blizzard conditions, high winds and more snowfall will persist until this evening.

“Blizzard conditions with gusty winds and persistent visibility near zero in snow and blowing snow are expected or occurring,” says the alert. Total snowfall amounts will reach up to 50 cm, along with 60 km/hour winds.

If you plan to travel anywhere today, do so with extreme caution.